The Eighth Amendment gives you the right to receive bond. Double G Bail Bonds has the unique ability to write ANY bail bond.

Our #1 priority is to work with our community to help our neighbors.  This is why we offer reasonable payment plans and work with a co-signer.

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Double G Bail Bonds Testimonials

They are amazing people!. Very responsive, understanding and trustworthy. Best Bailbonds company in Northern VA period.

Client, Fairfax County, VA

They were there as soon as I called and worked with me 100%! Extremely understanding and definitely the best bail bonds around!

Client, Prince William County, VA

So within 30 minutes the bondsman Double G met me at the jail. Very nice very prompt, super guys. Recommend them for everyone. Amazing service!

Client, Loudoun County, VA

Double G Bail Bond helped a friend out of a hard spot at 1:00 am when nobody else would answer their phones. Excellent experience. Thank you Double G bail bonds!

Client, Loudoun County, VA

If you need a good reliable Bail Company, look no further, these are wonderful people you can trust.

Client, Prince William County, VA

Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week. Our fast, friendly bail bondsmen are ready to post bail anywhere in Virginia  for you, your family or friends.

Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria: please call 703 268-3223 to speak to an area specific agent, or for Prince William, Loudoun, Fauquier or Warren county call 703 263-5615, or call the main number anytime.

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How Does Double G Bail Bonds Service Work?

When someone is arrested it is their Eighth Amendment right to receive the right to bail.  In most cases, the total amount of the bail is too much for the person to come up with in cash.  This is when they would require the assistance of a Bail Bondsman.  The Bail Bondsman puts up their own money and is responsible for the defendant showing up for their court date.  It is through the reputation and activity of the bail bondsman that the courts feel secure that the defendant will return for their required court date.  At Double G Bail Bonds, we are in our communities everyday with the people we bond out.  We are your neighbors and we believe that a solid community is one that invests in itself. When we vouch that you will show up for your court date we know you will because we know you and the burdens that surround you in the Northern Virginia area.  When you are bonded out we require that you have a cosigner who will work with us to also ensure you show up for court.  It’s this team, you, us and you cosigner, that build a solid foundation to show the courts you are serious and gives you time outside of the jail to prepare your defense properly.

Whether it’s a friend or family member, getting them out of jail is your number one priority.  Double G Bail Bonds works with to get them out ASAP.  By creating a plan with you or your family, our agents will bond out your loved one, follow-up with them to ensure they’re staying safe and are always available if there is a problem.  Community is huge with Double G Bail Bonds and we want to continue to serve it 365 days a year.

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Whatever the situation is, whether you need cash to bail your loved one out of jail or you have been arrested. Give us a call at 703-268-3086. Our team of bail experts can help you.  Call us 24/7.